Picture This…

You set a cup (or glass) of something good down on the dining table, open up your laptop on a Sunday and see the calendar for the week ahead has meetings and actions you’re excited to jump into. And spaces with pockets of time for other things that matter to you, and time for yourself too.

You zone into emails or texts and see a note of appreciation from someone in your career context or signaling a breakthrough for your business as a result of recent striving. 

You have a feeling of being alive and aligned. 

This may sound like some kind of dream, but here’s the thing. I know it’s perfectly possible, because this is my normal Sunday feeling. It’s what career-life synergy looks like and it’s normal for my clients as well.

Life's too short to be unhappy in your work. 

Let’s redesign your ‘What Next’ so you can stop solving the same career problem and finally make fulfilling work YOUR new normal instead. 

Discover how to achieve the career clarity you crave...

so you can confidently redesign your next career-life chapter and make a concrete plan you'll be excited to act on!


  • Without any false steps that erode your hopes for a different future

  • Without getting stuck when obstacles show up

  • You'll make meaningful career changes without sacrificing your integrity

  • Designed for seasoned professionals who want career-life congruence

My high end 1:1 coaching client support

Packaged up in an online self-study experience

I help people who feel stuck at some sort of career crossroads to make a plan realigning work they love with the life they wish they were living.
Ladder (career ladder)

Careering, on Purpose

Realign the work you love with the life you wish you were living.

Careering on Purpose is my proven, step-by-step ladder system helping people who feel stuck at some sort of career crossroads to make a plan realigning work they love with the life they wish they were living. And then act on it. 

It's a 5-Chapter online course that includes a (digital) private member's community that you can log into 24/7 for camaraderie and conversation with others who are (or have been) where you are. I include myself in that. 

In the last several years I have helped more than 50 committed careerists combat their Stuckness. They are now loving their new life - feeling alive and aligned as they go. 

It's the only course that blends applied positive psychology with hard-nosed commercial and creative leadership falling from my 20 year 'tour of duty', operating at board level for some of the world's leading PR firms (the career chapter that came before my own professional pivot).

What to Expect Inside


Get Crystal Clear on What You Do Best, What You Value Most and How to Be Purpose-Driven About Your "What's Next".

There are 3 in-depth chapters inside this foundational step - each with 3-4 video & presentation lessons plus plenty of downloadable tools and online resources to help gain clarity about what's really going on for you beneath the surface, at your very core. 

You'll discover:

  • All about Alignment. Because how would you confidently make a plan unless you first understand - deeply - what it needs to honor for you to live life feeling alive and aligned?

  • The 3 components of Clarity and how each of them work together to create a career compass that will steer you towards congruence.

  • How to combine all of this into a "Meaningfulness Manifesto' that describes what matters to you the most - and why - and sparks intentions to do something differently with this higher level of self-insight.


How to Redesign Your Career-Life When Your Stuckness is Not Knowing "What Next".

There are 6 lessons packed into this video and presentation Chapter about Confident Career Redesign (plus companion frameworks and online tools to provoke thought but keep it actionable).

You'll learn:

  • Where to start with redesign ideation when all you feel is Stuckness and the 5-Step Formula to take back control of your choices.

  • How many career chapters you have in you really and the smart way to shape a 'What Next" Quest..

  • About the different future you don't yet know you want and to activate an agile career mindset so you get there.


How to Anticipate Those Hidden Things That Could Threaten Your Progress - Then Put Plans in Place So They Can't!

There are 4 lessons in this turnkey video and presentation Chapter about transformation where you are invited to be choiceful and deep dive into areas that resonate. Being full to the brim with 7 downloadable PDF frameworks, 3 online resources and a diagnostic quiz, you will have the resources to help with those hidden things that could otherwise threaten real-life progress.  Because locking in your hoped-for future takes all of this. And being in the transformation business, tying your hopes to reality is a deal-breaker.

You'll find out:

  • How to stop being such a B**** in your most important relationship, why failure isn't fatal and perfectionism is poisonous.

  • Which critical characters are 'in play' for you, and how to interrupt them long enough to rewind their stories and pivot to new ones that serve you.

  • Your self-control superpower - and your career kryptonite so you know how to get out of your own way and succeed!

Careering, on Purpose

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What My Clients Are Saying:

From NHS to Founder


I realised I had looked away from an important dream and was mourning that lost opportunity. Helen's coaching quickly helped me recognise that it would crush my soul if nothing changes - and that what was stopping me wasn't insurmountable. After 6 years wishing I could, I went self-employed and haven't looked back. I have recently achieved my Qualsafe Award in Level 3 Teaching and Assessing (First Aid) which sees me well-placed to keep designing and delivering the trainings I feel passionate about within the NHS. Helen's coaching was thought-provoking from the outset, and with her support, I gained clarity and a confidence boost to stop thinking and actually do it. Worth every penny!

Global Services Consultant


After spending a long time working in one sector and having a very difficult few years at work, I was ready for a career change but didn't know in what direction to go after a global career path I didn't want to stay on. After my first coaching session with Helen, I felt empowered and clear-minded about how to really go after my ambitions. Helen's approach is incredibly professional but delivered in a refreshingly straightforward way that really, really works

Reputation Governance


Helen helped to both reassure and give me clarity. Considering change, she gave me the space to pursue empowering, fresh opportunities and helped me know that giving my family the attention they need is something I shouldn't feel has to be compromised. I felt understood, encouraged and. motivated to achieve. Which I then did.

From the Royal Navy to Barrister


Thoroughly professional and clearly very knowledgeable, Helen's coaching process helps you cut through the distractions and identify the areas that deserve your attention and allow professional growth. And know how that fits with the rest of your life. Having completed 16 years in the Naval Service, I am now Principle Legal at the Equality and Human Rights Commission - a career move that for me, is very on-point.

Careering, on Purpose

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Coaching Benefits

During an extremely tough career decision, Helen's coaching gave me clarity, reassurance and restored my faith that anything is possible. I left the UK and am now a Research Fellow at the University of Melbourne! Generous and knowledgeable, Helen is excellent at reading a situation and the emotional turmoil that may accompany it - and gives solid, well-judged coaching assistance. Most importantly, she really cares. I recommend Helen's coaching and courses, 100%.

Cath - Neuroscientist

Helen helped me at a career crossroads and going through a lot of professional turmoil. After my first session with Helen, I felt empowered and clear-minded about how to really go after my ambitions. With Helen's coaching my career back was on track quickly and with great clarity. I'm doing work I love and at a company that is the right fit culturally which Helen helped me see mattered most. Helen is incredibly knowledgeable and professional but delivers coaching in a refreshingly straightforward and jargon-free way. I would not hesitate to recommend Helen.

Ayesha - Communications Director

Add Group or Individual Coaching with Helen

Added-value tracks that take the learning deeper: (additional cost)

  • £650.00

    £650.00Join the Cohort

    Sign up for small group coaching & conversation, led by Helen and surround yourself with community all the way to Careering, on Purpose. Amplify the Course
    Group Coaching
  • £850.00

    £850.00Coaching Trilogy

    3 x 60 minute, 1:1 coaching sessions with Helen. Get help applying the course learnings to yourself? Because it's not possible to get stuck with this kind of bespoke support
    Individual Coaching

Today you can begin to combat your Stuckness

and redesign your career-life or you can continue to live in an open loop and be frustrated by that

Is Careering on Purpose for Me?

This course is for you if

  • You feel stuck at some kind of career crossroads. You might be reeling from redundancy, living in a loop where you’re never chosen for promotion, be struggling for a career comeback or simply loathe what you do…what matters is that you recognize you’re circling and know it’s time to put support in place to change that.

  • You’ve already tried to make change happen, but found that situational change changes nothing meaningful. You’ve inhaled lots of free information or collected trainings hoping that would help something click in your career context but while you’re more educated, you’re also still stuck. And frustrated by that!

  •  You’re willing to dedicate 1-2 hours per week of focused effort to make change happen. Careering on Purpose isn’t for the feint of heart. But if you take action on what you learn, your hard work will pay back.

This course is not for you if

  • You just want a cheerleader. This coaching course blends mindset mastery and creative ideation with a bias to action. If you feel you need to wait for a better time, to be better informed or have more finessed ideas before you start making change happen, this isn’t for you.

  • You’re looking for a coaching system that will magically make change happen without any effort on your part. With Careering on Purpose you’re signing up for a step-by-step process that will realign what you do with what matters most. But it won’t work if you have loyalty to feeling helpless, hide behind excuses, or don’t act on what you learn.

  • You’re not committed to actually addressing those things that threaten to hold you stuck. If you’re tempted purely because you’re ambitious, please don’t buy this course. My ladder system really works and I don’t want anyone using it just to get their What Next if they aren’t going to do their best to also be in integrity and make their next move somehow meaningful too. 

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